How it works

The Go Rent It difference

The easiest way to rent anything and everything, creating a profile is done in a few simple and easy steps. Enter some key information for you profile, create an account with Stripe, our partner with payments and processing so your money can be deposited directly into your bank account, then upload your items and start renting immediately.


In order to be able to list an item or rent a pencil from anyone on Go Rent It, customers must have a membership. This helps to eliminate any misguidance or questionable clients that you have to interact with. By creating a membership it allows Go Rent It to hold information on each member in the event of mistreatment of items from owners, being able to handle disputes in a timely manner and come to a sensible solution is the end goal for any poor situation between members. 15% of each transaction between members is held to allow for membership verification, payment processing, and various processes that go on behind the scenes. As a result of poor conduct towards other members and with multiple poor ratings and complaints against any member the membership will be terminated at the admin’s discretion

Rankings and rating:

Rankings help members feel at ease when interacting with each other or doing business together. Members, along with any items they list are subject to be rated on a 5 star system from anyone who previously had interactions with them. This helps create a system of rewards for being rated with higher reviews, members with higher ratings both personally and with their items are more appealing to renters.

Membership fees:

Go Rent It charges a small monthly membership fee to both create a sense of safety and go directly into the marketing budget. Using a marketing company helps put your product in front of more people which effectively makes you more money, a small $2 investment each month helps make sure your items will be seen and used more often, thus putting more money in your pocket which is what being an owner is all about.


Go Rent It does not offer an insurance package at this time. Owners are encouraged to contact their insurance companies and obtain the appropriate plan to cover the property for peer-to-peer renting. As a renter, be sure to be aware of the owner’s insurance plan to be sure they carry the appropriate plan. Owners and renters are encouraged to coordinate together to come up with a viable plan if property were to be damaged while under rent.

If someone cancels within the final 24 hours. 10% of the amount will be held for inconvenience.

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